1. Lupine in the Stehekin Valley, North Cascades NP, WA

  2. Stehekin from the top of Bueller’s Bluff

  3. Carl’s organic garden is the Stehekin equivalent to a grocery store.

    Want some kale or carrots? He’ll go out and pluck them fresh from the field. 

    I had no idea broccoli could be so sweet; nothing compares to food that fresh.

    We all want to be Carl when we grow up.

  5. fairy gardens in the North Cascades

  6. working on a book about four sisters and an abandoned apple orchard, witches and crystal caverns.

    working on being mindful, forgiving, patient, letting things unfold.

    today I learned I am missing a bone in my spine. I wonder where it went instead. 

  7. nirvana at 6,000 feet

  9. got lots to learn.

    Stehekin, Washington

  10. Indian Paintbrush

    North Cascades National Park, Washington

  11. mountains and clouds

  12. Stehekin, Washington

  13. Up on Boulder Butte

    (Suddenly becoming aware, for the first time since coming here a month ago, that we are surrounded by massive snow-capped peaks for miles and miles)

    Things look good at 6,000 feet.

  14. Western Tanager postcard design above, work space pictured below

    I think I will never want to work in an office and I think that is an okay thing

    I love the North Cascades. Maybe I’ll never leave?

  15. Indian Paintbrush in the North Cascades