1. Indian Paintbrush

    North Cascades National Park, Washington

  2. mountains and clouds

  3. Stehekin, Washington

  4. Up on Boulder Butte

    (Suddenly becoming aware, for the first time since coming here a month ago, that we are surrounded by massive snow-capped peaks for miles and miles)

    Things look good at 6,000 feet.

  5. Western Tanager postcard design above, work space pictured below

    I think I will never want to work in an office and I think that is an okay thing

    I love the North Cascades. Maybe I’ll never leave?

  6. Indian Paintbrush in the North Cascades

  7. Stehekin, Washington

  8. Up on Purple Pass, Stehekin Washington, and the southern border of the North Cascades

    (Around 6,000 feet everything becomes strange and wonderful, like some divine garden, and we wandered through it baking in the gold hot sun)

  9. Agnes Gorge hike, North Cascades National Park, Washington

    Beautiful down to every last pine needle. I’m waking up to sun-drenched walks to work past mama and baby grouse, light sparkling on supernaturally blue waters of lake Chelan. I am sunburnt and bone weary and life is very good.

  10. Stehekin Valley, by North Cascades National Park, Washington


  11. Pike Place Market, Seattle

  12. mountains and mist

  14. train ride through the Northern Cascades

    (person standing in shadow looking out a train window at passing trees and mountains)

  15. I want to see all of it


    I am going to the mountains 

    I am leaving at 3 am 

    There are thunderstorms predicted all night

    I am going to get on the plane in time to see the sunrise

    this time tomorrow I will be on a train through the pacific northwest