2. (photo by Olivia Bee, the wonderful)

    mix on @8tracks: Desert Drives by cosmonaut.

  3. This day was one of my best and favorite

    unbearably excited to go hike all summer

  5. I think (well, I hope) I finally found a way to write about luurrve and such things without sounding too trite. This is from the girl who still says “hank panky” and “we were canoodling each other” so 


  6. out in the desert, sun bleached bones and blue skies

  7. I did not know these were possible until I saw them

  9. Malado and I watching the sunset and waking up and getting lost

  10. “The unconscious is very much akin to what, in other frameworks, I call wilderness. And it’s very much like the wilderness in it that its beasts are not within our control. It resists the forms, the limits, the restraint, that civilization itself imposes. I’ve always felt, even as a child, that there was the decorum of social structure, the family structure, and so forth, and then there was the wild permissiveness of the inner life.

    I learned I could go anywhere in my inner life.”

    Stanley Kunitz

  13. * more beyond *

  14. " picture it, every day, then let it go to the universe— "

    (Malado Baldwin's studio)

  15. * mountains always on my mind *

    So here are my deliberations: 1.) Work tail off for 3/4 weeks, leave around middle/end of June and work my way out west to hike on the PCT and splore. Thoughts: ride share? Kiss up to someone with a car? I’m dying to see canyons and wiiiide open spaces and sleep in a star-lit desert and hike in the Sierra Nevadas. Then I’d come back around mid-August to move into DC, work some more, etc.

    2.) Try to finagle a job where I could do something low-key in a beautiful beautiful place (I applied to tons of places in the Northern Cascades) and have plenty of time to sink into a really yummy reading list, do free online courses through MIT and Johns Hopkins, write, hike, draw, make $, etc. This would be ideal but unlikely unless I call back and tell some places I could stay through the fall.

    What happens happens, I’m content either way I guess !